Hello there. The name’s Dark Artz. I’ve been a pyography artist for quite a few years and now thanks to my friends at Best Guitar Parts, I’ve been able to create a line of woodburned guitars for sale as art pieces or completed instruments. I design each piece and woodburn them by hand, pulling inspiration from the world around me. I try to infuse a little of myself into each one, so that each piece has its own story, each an original work of art.

In addition to creating my own designs, I also do commission work. So, if you have a design you would like woodburned onto a guitar (or any other piece of wood), shoot me an email at dark@darkartzwoodburning.com and we can discuss your project.

Unless otherwise specified, each piece you see on my Gallery page is available for purchase. Just email me for pricing and availability

For those interested in finishing the guitar bodies out into completed instruments, my buddies at Best Guitar Parts have everything you could need, from necks to hardware, to turn the guitar bodies into professional quality instruments. The finish work (paint) for most of my pieces is professionally done by Roxy Guitar Finish.